What is a fun psychological trick to try on someone?

Check Claire Yang’s answer on Quora or READ it here.


You: Say “fort” thrice

Person: Fort, fort, fort

You: Spell “fort” four times

Person: F-O-R-T, F-O-R-T, F-O-R-T, F-O-R-T

You: What do you eat your cereal with?

Person: A fork

You: Oh really? I use a spoon.

Ah, had to throwback to third grade for that one.


Put an object on a table and have a friend place their hand above it, then place your hand above theirs. Tell them “I bet I can grab this before you” and tell them to go for it as soon as you start moving. Even though they’re closer, it’ll take time for their brain to process the movement and you’ll get there before them and win the bet. Always. 😉


Ask someone:

What’s 1+1?
What’s 2+2?
What’s 4+4?
What’s 8+8?
Name a vegetable.

For some reason, “carrot” is almost always the reply.

EDIT: I appreciate all the curiosity regarding this trick! I couldn’t find any direct answers as to why or how this works, but I found a link to be extremely interesting. It’s a science forum on why this this “carrot” thing works:

Why do we say carrot?


Name the color of the word, not the actual word:


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